Source: Fabrizio Moreira wikipedia

Fabrizio Moreira (born January 18, 1982, Manta, Manabi, Ecuador) is a Politician, talent manager, public relations manager, businessman and international speaker residing in the United States.


He owns the USA TradeMark “Fabrizio” and provides advertising, public relations and promotional services for entertainers, celebrities, public officials, entrepreneurs and growth seeking businesses. Currently own a company called Tycoon Republic Music Group, having partnership in a New York Record Label called VIP Music Records and EShowsTV.

Fabrizio Moreira is a former member of the Network of Young Leaders of the Inter-American Development Bank, which has cooperated in complaints and investigations against drug trafficking and contract killings for the Journal El Universo of Ecuador.

Former candidate for an Assemblyman dignities of the Movement ONE (A New Option) and a councilor for the Social Christian Party in Manta.

Moreira was a promoter of freedom of speech, Free Trade Ideas and training activities in Ecuador with the participation of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

Political views

Moreira is a leader of the liberal ideology, and promoter of the ideas of free markets and entrepreneurship, was illegally accused with promoting destabilizing activities against the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa.

Promoter of the meeting “Young for a free democracy” in the city of Manta, an event that was censored by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez Frías.