No one can make you successful

The will to succeed comes from within
I am an Entrepreneur, Politician, and a Public Relations Specialist, I live in Brooklyn, New York (United States).

I provide Innovation consulting services, world class public relations and promotional services for entertainers, celebrities, public elected officials, entrepreneurs and growth-seeking businesses.

New Book From Fabrizio Moreira

Available February 19th, 2017
Deciding to be your own boss isn’t merely difficult; it’s more than a simple “job” with a stable salary and legally protected benefits. Being your own boss is hard work that requires more than 8 hours a day; requires you to cut costs to increase your business’ purchasing power; requires you to navigate the turbulence of times of crisis to respond to suppliers and employees, requires dexterity to stretch every dollar, and at the beginning there may be very few of them to stretch.

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